I’ve been called a storyteller, wordsmith, verbal acrobat and even a copy assassin whose work “killed it!” But I prefer the humble moniker of writer. While I still enjoy short stories, poems, and have a couple of novels and screenplays “in the works,” the variety of creative challenges that the world of advertising and branding offers is something I can’t seem to get enough of.


As a former student of both Hampton University, and the Miami Ad School, I’ve had the chance to study under the expert tutelage of many Creative Directors and Writers from different disciplines. The knowledge I gained from them began to shine in New York City where I worked as a Copywriter for nearly four years at both Doremus and UniWorld Group. Between the two, I created ads across various media for a host of different clients ranging from financial institutions to packaged goods, and even a couple of beauty products.


Growing weary of the “New Yorkness” that makes NYC, NYC, I moved to Los Angeles. Here, I had the opportunity to work on award winning campaigns for several years as a Sr. Copywriter at the TRUE Agency before diving headfirst in the realm of CRM (and BCRM) as an Associate Creative Director at RAPP. Currently, I’m expanding my realm of expertise, and my portfolio, as an ACD at Walton Isaacson, where I've recently had the pleasure of working with Lexus and Marvel Studios on a brand integration that included an eight-part graphic novel, customized car by West Coast Customs and a Super Bowl commercial featuring Black Panther.


With my proven ability to tailor messaging across various media formats and reach just about any target market, along with my love for finding innovative solutions to communications challenges and leading teams to take a client’s messaging to the next level, I’m confident that I will make a valuable addition to any creative team. And I continue to enjoy proving so on a daily basis.